Thursday, January 13, 2005

Firefly is Serenity

My favorite TV show of all time was a relatively unknown and unwatched sci-fi series called Firefly. It aired on Fox in late 2002, but Fox cancelled it before it could even finish its first season. Fox sucks. It's not too suprising that it got cancelled. Fox aired the episodes out of order and then kept switching its time slot. I was totally into the show and even I couldn't keep up with the schedule changes. And the show itself was a bit weird, an unusual mix of sci-fi and western that I'm sure might have left a lot of mainstream audiences confused if they weren't willing to watch an entire episode and figure out what the show was all about.

Fortunately, the series was released in a DVD box set that became an instant bestseller among obsessive sci-fi nerds like myself. Apparently the success of the DVD sales was enough for Universal Studios to take notice and buy the rights to Firefly and revive it as a movie titled Serenity. The original cast and writers are all on board to make what, if successful, will be an awesome series of movies. I certainly hope so.


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