Friday, January 13, 2006

I went topless - and it sucked

I while back I was reading Quantum Blog and learned about topless sandals. Since they sounded cool and were having a sale I figured I'd give them a try. It's pretty amazing how they stick to your feet - and they don't feel weird or uncomfortable either. But after only a few minutes of wearing them around my home their edges accumulated bits of dog hair - which was gross. They weren't too difficult to clean-off (and I know they weren't intended for wear around the house) but I have to assume they'd also pick up fine particles of sand and such if I were at the beach or outside elsewhere - not cool. I figured they weren't a total loss, even if I would only use them for the showers in the gym, but then I discovered their critical vulnerability. They're completely useless if they get wet.

So what's the point of sandals you can't wear inside or outside, to the beach, to the pool, or to the showers? None I can figure. And what if it's hot and you're one of those people with sweaty feet? I imagine the only place they'll ever be seen is on campus at liberal arts colleges where everybody always goes to class in flip-flops because they're all too cool to be bothered to get out of their pajamas. Perhaps a few of them will see these topless sandals as being the trendy new thing - at least until it rains.


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