Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My goodness . . . Posted by Hello

A good day for a Guinness. I'm fortunate I got to drink a lot of these during my recent visit to NY, because today just might be the worst St. Patrick's Day ever. Even worse than the time I went to Dublin for St. Patrick's and they cancelled the parade (damn those mad cows). Firstly, I've got a dental appointment today. I'm getting fillings for a sore tooth. Hopefully just fillings and not a crown or root canal. And I'm insisting the Doc only uses a local anesthetic.

Of course, being numb, speechless and drooling on this most besotten of holidays might just be the perfect cover. Chances are no one would notice, and I would be able to self medicate if I feel any pain. But my real dilemma is that I have an opportunity to do a night flight later this evening - assuming I feel up to it after the dentist is through with me. My flight instructor, federal law, and even my invisible leprechaun friends will all insist I remain completely sober if I fly. And given the choice of flying or drinking I'll take flying just about every time.

But it'll feel strange to not have a single Guinness - it's tradition! I guess there's always next year - or next week - or whenever I land.


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