Saturday, September 17, 2005

Test Driving Blog Search (and other random thoughts)

The beta for Google's new search engine for blogs is finally here, and I recently decided to test it out. The following is a sample of sites I discovered after searching under the topic of - you guessed it : Science Fiction . . .
Too Little Too Late?
Solar Flare reports George Lucas is looking for script writers to come work at Skywalker Ranch and help write for a new Star Wars TV show. Good idea George.

Blog Base
There's a site called Science Fiction Blog which gets a mention for concept alone. The latest post asks for feedback - so I sent some in. I'm hoping that by participating in these sites we can make them better.

Through the Hatch
Something called The Writing Show had this article about a curious web project - aptly named Escape Pod. It's a regular podcast devoted to Science Fiction short stories and worth checking out if you're into that sort of thing. (I'm thinking maybe I'll rig it so I can play MP3's in my car and listen to podcasts on my drive into work.)

Broken Promises
And I know I said I'd never do this again, but I couldn't resist this little exercise. (Hal Clemet and then William Gibson in case you're wondering.)

Also, since ~()--()~ is looking for further research/ideas concering a very cool story concept about returning to the Moon I figure I should at least link this article about NASA's plan revisit our closest neighbor.

It makes me wonder. Sooner or later there really will be an inevitable transition for space related exploration activites. Right now everything is still dominated by government agencies such as NASA, but eventually it'll be corporate entites and private companies that are most willing to take the big risks and boldly venture forth. Right now companies involved in the space trade are good bedfellows with the government(for obvious reasons), but will it always be so?

And one final silly little CS thought for the day:

Why is it that whenever I use blogger's spellchecker it never recognizes words like: Google, blog, MP3 or podcast?


Blogger Steve Ranson said...

Thanks for the tip about Google's new Blog Search engine. It does seem to have a few glitches, i.e., some blogs for commercial enterprizes seem to come up repeatedly, sometimes several in a row. I guess money makes these things happen, like the need for a "word verification" for comments to keep some machine from sending your blog crap as was happening to me.

9/26/2005 9:14 PM  
Blogger Dædalux said...

Yeah, we gotta stay on our toes or the bots will take over.

10/03/2005 7:50 PM  

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