Friday, February 29, 2008

Return of the Blog

I'm making some leap-year resolutions. It's a list things I plan to accomplish within the next four-years. Next February 29th I'll review my list and gauge my success. Reviving this blog isn't a specific item on the list, but it's still part of the type of changes I'd like to make. My close friends (both of you) have been clamoring for me to return to this blog, and I admit I've missed writing in it. I've kept deluding myself, hoping things will settle down soon so I can start doing the things I should be doing, but I know things are never going to settle down. That's life - but it's no excuse. I need to redevelop the discipline of just doing what I need to do in spite of - because of - the chaos that is ordinary life. I'm going to live my list. My list isn't exactly easy, or even entirely reasonable, but it's exactly what I need.