Friday, February 12, 2010

Escape Hatch

DeeLux is dead. I liked the title Daedalux, not because it's particularly witty or deep - it isn't - but because it was unique. Once upon a time if you googled daedalux this blog and it's affiliated links were the only results you'd ever get. Not so anymore. Now it's practically a semi-popular handle. After spending over a year abroad, I've returned home to discover searches revealing everything from others using the title in fields ranging from commenters in the Huffington Post to a Spanish language porn site. I can assure you these people are not me. I can only assume these persons to be misguided sycophants attempting to cash-in on the wild popularity this blog has enjoyed over the years :P

Regardless, my unique identity must not be sullied. I have chosen a new - and infinitely more unique title to resume my blogging. And in the highly improbable instance that someone out there still actually checks this blog I've chosen to link it here. If you would like to read it please follow the link. If you're looking for a cool name for a porn site, kindly look elsewhere.